This document written to connnect whmcs to autovm.
in this tutorial I will show how use autovm module in whmcs and connected to autovm server. if you don’t have autovm already then please follow this guide.

What is Autovm?

is an open-source platform to manage virtual machines(VM) on the VMware ESXI virtualization which allows the VPS providers to manage full automation of support and sales process. AutoVM platform is a good choice for hosting and VPS providers to increase their service quality that can supports all ESXi versions.

WHMCS features

• Reseller Hosting and Domain registration
• Billing and automation
• Customer Support
• Powerful Client Area
• Powerful Admin Area
• Reseller VPS


1- autovm server
2- whmcs server
Note: if you do not have above servers please click on the link and folow step by step to install.


Login to your whcms server using SSH.

go to the whmcs -> module -> server folder, mine is at this location

cd /var/www/html/modules/servers

download autovm whmcs module for whmcs



mkdir autovm

cd whmcs-master

mv * ../autovm


Login to your whmcs using admin dashboard

whmcs to autovm

Click on system settings

whmcs to autovm

Find Products/Servics then click on servers then add server

whmcs to autovm

From dropdonw menu choose Autovm and your hostname then username and password of autovm server then click continue

whmcs to autovm

Now go to loign to your autovm server, then click on admin then click on apis then click create and copy th api keys

whmcs to autovm

Remove username and password from server details and just add your api key in username then click save changes
Don’t forgert in hostname URL type

whmcs to autovm

Click on  Products/Services  then create group and fill up the form then click save changes

whmcs to autovm

Click on  Products/Services  then create Product and choose the group you have created also the module is autovm then click continue

whmcs to autovm

Check each tab carefully and fill up the information for your frondend then click save

connect whmcs to autovm

It’s time to go frond-end and add services for your client

whmcs to autovm


Hopefully, you now have the tutorial of how to connect whmcs to autovm step by step